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Lenten Series

Looking for Shenkman: Looking for Shenkman is a story of one man looking for faith and finding it, and another man not looking for it but finding he cannot escape the questions of faith. As each 3 to 5 minute drama unfolds, Mr. Shenkman finds his faith and realizes what he must do with it, ending with his last appearance before his death in week 5. At the same time, his Counselor becomes more opinionated against Shenkman’s faith. It is a confrontation with Shenkman’s wife and the homeless man, whom Shenkman dies for, which brings up the final, question we all, must face, “whom are you looking for”?

*Dramas may be used to accompany the study written by Eric Burtness; Book of Faith, Lenten Journey, Beyond Question; published by Augsburg Fortress.

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