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Holy Hilarity Sunday

Thomas' Instant Faith Message

Richard Kratzke

A modern day Thomas finds he is getting instant messages on his phone from Jesus, but seeing is not believing, so after the line, "Show me a sign", Jesus kills his phone. A humorous way to go into the "doubting Thomas" text.

Tags: HumorousDoubting ThomasChurchMonologue

Scriptures: John 20:19-31

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Good Friday

Waiting for Another Miracle

Richard Kratzke

Thomas and Martha dispute with a Bystander near the foot of the cross. Martha is almost in shock, the Bystander mocks Jesus but then has a change of faith as Jesus dies. Thomas’s faith holds strong until the very end when he realizes that Jesus is really dead.

Tags: Holy WeekDoubting ThomasMarthaThe PassionThe CrucifixionGolgatha

Scriptures: Matt 27:32-56Mark 14:27-28Mark 15:6-47Luke 23:26-49John 19:17-37

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Holy Hilarity Sunday

What's the Joke, Mary?

Richard Kratzke

Thomas has a hard time believing that Jesus has risen from the dead, and is appalled that Peter, James, and Mary are sitting around telling Jesus Jokes!

Tags: Doubting ThomasChurch

Scriptures: John 20:24-29

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