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Maundy Thursday

Judas Iscariot   Featured

Richard Kratzke

This monologue opens with Judas Iscariot sitting at a table with the disciples as Jesus announces his upcoming betrayal. All of Judas' justifications for his actions fall flat as he can no longer deny the deadly mistake he made.

Tags: ChurchLentThe PassionGethsemaneHoly WeekGood FridayMaundy Thursday

Scriptures: Matt 26:17-25, 47-56Matt 27:3-10Mark 14:18-21Luke 22:1-6, 21-23, 47-53John 13:2, 18-30John 18:1-11

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Lenten Series

Looking for Shenkman   Featured

Richard Kratzke

Looking for Shenkman is a story of one man looking for faith and finding it, and another man not looking for it but finding he cannot escape the questions of faith. As each 3 to 5 minute drama unfolds, Mr. Shenkman finds his faith and realizes what he must do with it, ending with his last appearance before his death in week 5. At the same time, his Counselor becomes more opinionated against Shenkman’s faith. It is a confrontation with Shenkman’s wife and the homeless man, whom Shenkman dies for, which brings up the final, question we all, must face, “whom are you looking for”?

*Dramas may be used to accompany the study written by Eric Burtness; Book of Faith, Lenten Journey, Beyond Question; published by Augsburg Fortress.

Tags: Beyond QuestionLentGood FridayEaster


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Maundy Thursday

Mary Wonders about Judas   Featured

Richard Kratzke

I wrote this short monologue at the request of our youth director who was looking for a way to address the person of Judas for the confirmation class. I thought it would be more interesting to look at Judas from the point of view not his own. This script brings up aspects of Judas as Mary Magdalene might have seen them. The intent is for a small audience, but it could easily be performed for a large congregation. The language is left fairly modern, since the intent is to communicate to youth. It is only a few minutes long, making it easy to have someone of almost any age act the part.

Tags: LentYouth


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Lent Series

The Sven and Ole Show

Richard Kratzke

This humorous sketch is structured to take place over a six-week period. Each week, Scandinavian characters Sven and Ole teach their audience about a different subject. Weekly themes include: love, community, resentment and forgiveness, admitting our mistakes, meeting the needs of others, and worship. This drama series was originally performed for Lent, but it could be done any time of year. It can accompany Willow Creek's "40 Days of Community" series. There is a song that goes along with week six called "Pretty Good with My Soul."

Tags: ChurchLentSven and Ole

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